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Roxane Battle leaves audiences energized, inspired, and joy-filled. She is a Keynote Speaker, Panelist, Moderator, and Emcee. Roxane uses a blend of personal stories, humor, audience engagement, and practical advice to prepare her audiences to tackle life… and win!

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Exhausted to Energized:
Let’s Beat Burnout, Find Belonging and Pockets of Joy Together!

From the Great Disruption to the Great Resignation, work-from-home, and return-to-office, the world keeps changing, leaving many of us exhausted and wondering how we’ll ever keep up.

As a media and mental health expert inside Fortune 5 UnitedHealth Group, Roxane worked closely with the world’s best mental health providers at the height of the pandemic to find ways to reduce burnout. Her video series, “Checking in with Roxane Battle,” reached 4 million subscribers.

In this presentation, Roxane shares relevant solutions to burnout and relatable stories from her high-stress media career, to help you feel better from the inside out. From recognition and self-care to fostering belonging, and leading with compassion and empathy, let’s find rest, and pockets of joy together!

  • “Why” vs. “How” = “WHAT” – reframe difficulty and alleviate anxiety and stress.
  • D.R.E.S.S. for Success – create safe spaces where team members show up, innovate, collaborate, and do their best work.
  • Navigating Conflict – move through conflict successfully and avoid collaborative stagnation.
  • The Power of the Pause – what to do when you don’t know what to do.
  • Effective Communication – specific examples of what to say and how to say it, when.
  • Empathetic Leadership – why what you do as a leader is more important than what you say
  • Taking A.I.M. – look forward, find joy, and win!

Antidote to Burnout

You Matter

D.R.E.S.S. for Success


Lesson from the Monarch: Finding Pockets of Joy in Change, Loss and Transition

Imagine if… change could make us better, happier.
This is Roxane’s story.
Her true story of building back and finding joy after losing it all.

Whether it’s a layoff, loss, or difficult life transition, Roxane shares from her lived experiences and tumultuous transition away from a high-stakes television career into a new and fulfilling life as an in-demand speaker and bestselling author.

It’s a journey of fear turned into fortitude, unhappiness into joy.
Caterpillar into Monarch.

Through candor and engaging storytelling, Roxane goes deep, with takeaways your audience can implement right now, and through the power of choice, begin to see change not as an obstacle, but an opportunity to experience authentic pockets of joy.

  • Acceptance – an effective process that can reduce anxiety and lead to effective problem-solving.
  • Authenticity – embracing your true self, crafting a life plan for happiness.
  • Alone Time – the difference between loneliness and solitude, and how to harness alone time to find joy.
  • Attitude – is indeed everything especially an attitude of gratitude- how to overcome a challenge and find lasting joy.


Courageous Conversations: The Right Words to Create Belonging and Pockets of Joy

Once considered a soft skill, effective communication is now considered a top hard skill by employers and team leaders. Yet, public speaking is also a number one fear.

Roxane has spent her entire adult life in front of audiences. A gifted communicator and master in the art of public speaking, in this presentation, she walks you through how to say “no” and mean it, how to navigate tough conversations, and the secrets of giving a really great talk.

  • It’s how we’re wired – why public speaking is a #1 fear and how to overcome it.
  • Behind every “no” is a “yes” – how to communicate and respect boundaries.
  • Difficult conversations – keys to navigating conflict.
  • Words to say – precise words and phrases and when to say them.


“Thank you for speaking at our conference, Roxane! You were the cherry on the top!! Your energy and ability to engage with the speakers was so impressive!”

– Becky Lauseng, PPHR, SHRM-CP

“Thank you for all you did at the TCSHRM Spring Conference. I love your style and energy!”

– Melissa Daudt Hoepner, MAOM, SHRM-SCP

“Thank you for sharing, Roxane, and for always speaking your truth. You are making a difference as you continue to raise awareness on how to bring mental health and healing to communities of color. Thank you for all you’re doing!”

Anita Richardson

“Roxane, thank you for speaking truth to power. You are a gifted leader who helps us all grow and understand the challenges many face in our community!”

Dave Rosen

“I was inspired by what you spoke about and said to us during this presentation. Not because it was filled with positivity and motivation, but because it was REAL. People like you help us heal and move forward and make change and feel hopeful in the face of continued trials.”

– Monica Uri

What an incredible presentation! Just so much here. Thank you, Roxane!

– Virtual Attendee


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“Thank you, Roxane, for sharing your meaningful insight and perspectives on inclusion in the workplace. The room was inspired!”

– Dorsey & Whitney LLP

“Roxane Battle, you are the best panel host I have ever worked with. You are authentic and curious. Thank you for allowing me to be me each time we work together.”

– Dr. Cleopatra Lightfoot-Booker, Psy.D.

“Thank you so much for your incredible work all weekend!”

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“Thanks for being such an amazing advocate, Roxane!”

– Laura Richards, attendee

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“It was such a pleasure working with you and we were lucky to secure you. You helped make our event great. We received outstanding feedback from our 500+ sellers and others who attended. Thank you!”

– Lisa Pettigrew, Global Chief Sales Officer, Avanade, Inc.

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