Pockets of Joy

ISBN: 978-1629119106

Whitaker House (September 5, 2017)

Top #100 Amazon Best Seller

No matter your situation, you have a choice. I chose joy.

As a news reporter and anchor, Roxane Battle traveled the world and met notable people from Jay Leno to Mariah Carey to Prince. But shortly after landing her dream job in her hometown of Minneapolis, Roxane hit a life quake. Every day was a battle to keep it together on camera while piecing her life back together at home as a single mom. At one point, broke and alone, dinner was a single chicken McNugget.

Pockets of Joy Journal

This hard-cover journal features gold embossing and lined pages where you can write down your happy memories. Write a little bit or a lot, whenever you want. There’s even a place to #hash tag the day and a pocket in the back for mementoes. And when you’re done, all your pockets of joy will be in one place to look back on and smile!